Ambassador Hosseini underlines need for enhancing Pakistan Iran bilateral trade

Ambassador Hosseini underlines need for enhancing Pakistan Iran bilateral trade.

Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran said his country wants multifaceted cooperation with Pakistan, especially in the energy sector.

He expresses these views in an interview to Pakistani Urdu news channel ‘Express.’

Ambassador Hosseini underlines need

He underscored relationship between Iran and Pakistan based on friendship and brotherhood having deep roots in Islamic values.

However, Iranian diplomat noted bilateral trade ties unsatisfactory; hence he emphasized the need to further enhance bilateral trade between the two neighboring countries.

Seyyed Hosseini noted that the current volume of bilateral trade stands at US $1.5 billion which he called quite low.

He said according to the potential available it should not be less than US $5 billion.

Moreover, he also called gas pipeline project signed between the two countries in 2009 an important landmark of bilateral trade ties.

He said that currently Iran is exporting 100 MW of electricity to Pakistan and has plans to increase this export to 500 MW to help Pakistan overcome its energy shortage.

The ambassador said Pakistan and Iran can trade many commodities.

He also referred lot of scope of religious tourism between Iran and Pakistan.

Religious tourism

Seyyed Hosseini cited our Pakistani brothers and sisters visit religious sites in Iran for pilgrimage in a large number and we will resume this activity as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

He said they would do everything to facilitate Pakistani pilgrims.

Furthermore, he also praised Iqbal Lahori (Allama Iqbal) as a great Pakistani thinker, philosopher and poet, whom Iranians highly respect. He noted that Iranian scholars are avid followers of Iqbal Lahori.

He said that Iran always examines the policy and performance of every American government towards the Islamic Republic very carefully and if the new US government adopts a positive approach towards Iran then a healthy environment can be formed.

The ambassador termed Chabahar and Gwadar as two very important ports which have the potential to enhance trade ties between the two friendly states.

He said lots of measures have been taken to curtail rising Islamophobia in the West and the action taken by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan after developments in France are important and praiseworthy.

Afghan peace

While commenting on Afghan peace process and Iran’s role in this regard, he underlined peace in Afghanistan as need of the hour.

He said peace in Afghanistan the country is equally important for both Iran and Pakistan.

He noted that Iran and Pakistan are the most affected countries due to war and instability in the neighboring Afghanistan.

Hence, “We always desire to have peace in the country.”

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