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Houthis ‘seize 3 Yemeni bases in north’

Houthi fighters in Yemen say they have managed to capture three military bases after fierce fighting with the government forces…

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18 Saudi air raids target Yemeni Shia villages

Saudi Arabia’s fighter jets are still attacking northern Yemen, carrying out more than 18 airstrikes only on Sunday, Yemeni Houthi…

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Saudi warplanes hit Northern Yemen districts again

Saudi fighter jets have launched another round of aerial bombardment of Shia Houthi positions in northern parts of Yemen along…

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Yemeni Lawmaker: al-Qaeda running key Yemeni ministries

A Yemeni Parliamentarian says al-Qaeda enjoys strong support from the government of President Ali Abdullah Salih and runs key ministries…

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Saudi incursion into Yemen ‘repelled’

Shia Houthi fighters said Wednesday they have managed to repel Saudi forces trying to infiltrate into Sa’ada Province in northern…

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Saudi warplanes kill 16, injure 19 Shia Houthis

Saudi warplanes have killed 16 Shia Houthi fighters in a barrage of strikes over two days in the Yemen-Saudi border…

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Houthis resist Saudi incursion into northern Yemen

Houthi fighters have managed to repel Saudi forces trying to infiltrate the northern Yemen’s rugged Sa’ada province, killing a number…

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Saudi planes launch 70 air-strikes on Yemen

Yemen’s Houthi fighters say Saudi warplanes have launched more than 70 air-strikes in the north of the country. According to…

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Yemeni army keeps bombing, killing Shias

Yemeni government troops have killed seven people in a raid on what they claimed to be the home of a…

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Yemeni Houthis Say Will Withdraw from Saudi Territory if Attacks Ended

Yemeni Houthi fighters are willing to withdraw from Saudi territory in exchange for an end to cross-border attacks by Riyadh’s…

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