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Saudi FM says Riyadh trying to find path to dialog with Tehran, ease tensions

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud says the kingdom is trying to find a path to dialog…

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Wahabism main cause of spreading international terrorism

While questioning the US claims in the fight against terrorism, an American journal emphasized that if the US is really…

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Saudi companies look for investing in Israel through Bahrain

Saudi companies are seeking to invest in Israel through Bahrain, Palestinian media reported, citing a Zionist newspaper. The Zionist regime…

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Saudi regime sentences university professor to death for using Twitter, WhatsApp

The Saudi regime has sentenced a prominent university professor to death for using the social media platforms of Twitter and…

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Nearly dozen intl. rights groups demand Saudi accountability for crackdown on dissent

Many international human rights groups have denounced the repression of political dissidents and human rights defenders in Saudi Arabia, calling…

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Saudi abuses, war crimes unchecked as Biden’s empty threats only made MBS more arrogant: Think tank

The US will never penalize its Saudi client for anything, and there are never any practical consequences for the kingdom’s…

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Saudi Arabia lifts restriction on hajj pilgrim numbers

Saudi Arabia will not impose limits on the number of pilgrims for this year’s hajj, media reported a Saudi minister…

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Saudi Arabia mulls increasing investments, deposits to Pakistan

The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) on Monday ordered the Saudi Development…

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Saudi regime extended prison sentence to dissident religious scholar

Saudi authorities have extended a prison sentence handed down to a dissident religious scholar amid a crackdown led by Crown…

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Iran reports major jump in exports to Saudi Arabia amid rapprochement

The Iranian customs office (IRICA) has reported a major rise in exports to Saudi Arabia with a recent shipment of…

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