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Israeli PM Netanyahu appoints new Mossad chief

Israeli Prime Minister has appointed deputy director of the national intelligence agency of Israel as new Mossad chief with alleged…

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Israel admits Gaza rockets inflicted $368mn in economic loss to its businesses

Israel’s Manufacturers’ Association has released a report admitting to the huge economic damage sustained by the regime as a result…

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Hamas says ready to confront any fresh infringement on al-Quds

Hamas says the Palestinian resistance movement is prepared to confront any fresh attempt by the Israeli regime to infringe on…

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‘You are a partner in our victory!’ Hamas, Islamic Jihad thank Iran

Palestinian resistance movements have thanked Iran for its support during the latest Israeli military aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip.…

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We Will Face Second Hezbollah in Gaza during Next War: Israeli Analysts

The Zionist circles reflected the frustration dominating over all the Israelis in light of the defeat in the war on…

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Palestinians celebrate victory as Israel agrees to ceasefire+Videos

The Palestinian people took to the streets in Gaza, West Bank, and the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds to celebrate the eleven…

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Hamas declares victory, Netanyahu suffers a great defeat

Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement declared victory in its 10-day-long struggle against the Israeli regime’s attack on the Gaza Strip, calling…

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Al-Qassam Brigades fires missile at Israeli military bus near Gaza

Palestinian resistance forces have fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli military bus near the border with the Gaza Strip,…

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Israel gives in to ceasefire amid resistance’s heavy rocket barrage

The Israeli regime’s “security cabinet” unanimously approves, what the regime has identified as, “Egypt’s proposal” for a ceasefire amid continued…

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Resistance got Israel entangled in its biggest crisis in 70 years

The leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement says Israel has been caught in the biggest crisis it has…

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