Middle East

Attack on Iran will affect whole world

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad says in case of a military attack against Iran, not only the region but also the…

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‘Bahrain increasingly torturing Shias’

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights has expressed grave concern about the country’s growing violence against the detained opposition activists.…

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Bahrain urged to uphold human rights

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on Bahrain to uphold international human rights commitments concerning prevention of torture and ensuring…

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Al-Azhar Chancellor Welcomes Ayatullah Khamenei’s Fatwa

Chancellor of al-Azhar University of Islamic sciences welcomed Fatwa (verdict) issued by the World Shia Leader, Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei,…

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‘Israel occupation nearing its end’

Viva Palestina’s head, former UK lawmaker George Galloway (L) embraces a Palestinian Muslim cleric in Istanbul, Turkey on Tuesday, September…

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‘Bahrain silencing rights activists’

A member of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights says the Bahraini government has banned human rights activists from traveling…

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HRW issues new warning to Bahrain

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) blasts Bahrain’s recent travel ban on three rights activists, saying Manama should rather probe the…

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Rights activists criticize Bahrain govt.

A group of Human Right activists have expressed their concern over deteriorating human rights situation in the Persian Gulf state…

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Egyptian Lawyers Call on Government to Halt Broadcast of “Fadak Television Channel”

Two Egyptian lawyers had filed a lawsuit against the government aimed at halting broadcast of a Fadak channel currently carried…

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Bahrain Cracks Down on Peaceful Shias, Engages in Human Rights Violations

The Islamic Information Center joins the statement by the Arab Program for Human Rights, and reiterates its support for the…

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