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New Zarih for Lady Zaynab’s (SA) holy shrine installed [photos]

The new Zarih for Hazrat Zaynab (SA) holy shrine was installed by servants of the holy shrine of Hazrat Abbas…

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Iran warns UAE against ‘attacking’ its territorial integrity

Iran’s mission to the UN warns the United Arab Emirates that staking out a claim to the three Persian Gulf…

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Turkish military shells villages in Syria’s Hasakah, casualties reported

Turkish military forces and their allied militants have reportedly launched an artillery attack on several villages in Syria’s northeastern province…

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Syrian army forces US military convoy to retreat

The Syrian army troops blocked the way of US occupying forces in Hasaka and made them return to their bases.…

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Turkey, ‘Israel’ Negotiate Gas Transportation to Europe: Spokesperson

Turkish Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin said on Friday that Turkey and the Israeli occupation have been negotiating the transportation of…

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Israeli, Turkish leaders hold first meeting since 2008

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan met on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on…

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US military tankers continue to smuggle Syrian crude oil

Amid Washington’s ferocious attempts to further plunder natural resources in war-ravaged Syria, the US military has used dozens of tanker…

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Explosions rock US military base In Syria’s Al-Omar oil field

Al-Mayadeen news channel reported in urgent news on Sunday night that a heavy explosion occurred in the Omar oil field,…

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Syria says five killed in Israeli air strike on Damascus airport

Israel has carried out an air strike on Syria’s Damascus International Airport and other positions south of the capital, killing…

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Syrian troops block US military convoy in Hasakah

Amid smoldering public resentment over the deployment of American occupation forces in northeastern Syria, government troops have blocked a US…

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