“Deal of Century” is a malicious, dangerous and impudent step: Sheikh Qassem

Bahrain’s prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Issa Qassem lashed out at US’ plan on the Middle East, dubbed “Deal of the…

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Al-Wefaq demands release of sick Bahrian prisoners

In July last year, an independent human rights group documented the arrest of more than 5,000 prisoners of conscience, in…

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Bahrainis mourned of Martyr Abdulaziz Al-Abbar

Dozens of Bahrainis mourned on Saturday (January 18, 2020) Haj Mousa Al-Abbar, father of martyr Abdulaziz Al-Abbar. Al-Abbar was admitted…

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Al-Wefaq Calls to Save Lives of Dozens of Sick Prisoners in Bahrain

The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, largest opposition country, called for the necessity to work to save lives of dozens of…

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Bahrain authorities arrested grandson of Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim

The Bahraini authorities launched in the late hours of Tuesday (January 14) and Wednesday at dawn (January 15) a vast…

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Bahraini authorities Arrested Shia Cleric for 7 Days Pending Investigation

The Bahraini security authorities arrested on (January 13, 2020) Mulla Abdulzahraa Al-Samahiji (39 years) for 7 days pending investigation, over…

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Al-Wefaq: 133 Violations against Detainees during December

Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, the largest opposition society, said that it monitored, during December 2019, continuing serious human rights violations,…

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American military presence in Bahrain is illegitimate: Haq movement

A Bahraini opposition political organization has censured the presence of the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet in the tiny Persian Gulf…

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Bahrain court re-imposes death penalty for two pro-democracy activists

Bahrain’s top criminal court has upheld the death penalty of two pro-democracy activists who were convicted based on torture-tainted “confessions”.…

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Al-Wefaq Condemns “Murder of Soleimani and Al-Muhandis”

The Al-Wefaq Islamic National Society condemned the blatant barbaric American attack on two Muslim countries, the Republic of Iraq and…

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