Bahraini Shia’s mourn on sad occasion of Safar 28th

Bahraini Shias mourned the Prophet of Islam’s (PBUH) death anniversary and the twenty-eighth month of Safar. According to Iran Press,…

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Bahraini activist says will return home to save father’s life despite risk of imprisonment

Bahraini human rights activist Maryam al-Khawaja says she will travel home next week and take the risk of detention in…

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Arbaeen procession held in Bahrain

Arbaeen procession was held near Manama, the capital of Bahrain, with the significant presence of Bahraini Shiites. According to Iran…

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Bahrain: Political Prisoners Continue Hunger Strike in Jaw Prison

The coordinating committee of the strike of political prisoners in Jaw Central Prison announced that “the proposed solutions, and what…

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Muharram in Bahrain: A history of systematic anti-Shia persecution by state

By Sondoss Al Asaad Over the past decade, Bahraini Shias have faced systematic persecution from the ruling establishment, but that…

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Bahrain scholars call for avoiding tensions that weaken Ashura commemoration

Bahrain’s scholars called for “Avoiding tensions and disputes, through platforms, processions and other practices, that would could weaken Ashura commemoration.”…

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HRW: Recent blocking of Shias from attending Friday Prayers in Bahrain is discrimination

Human Rights Watch condemned in a statement the Bahraini authorities’ prevention of Shi’a worshippers from attending Friday prayers at the…

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900 unemployed Bahraini engineers, gov’t still refuses Bahrainization of jobs

Economic researcher Aref Khalifa revealed in a video posted on his Instagram account a tragic figure, as he showed an…

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Bahrainis hold demo against normalizing ties with Tel Aviv

The people of Bahrain staged a large-scale demonstration to condemn the repression of Shia religious scholars, chanting slogans against the…

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Bahraini Regime Authorities Arrest Sheikh Sankour for Opposing Normalization with ‘Israel’

The Bahraini regime authorities arrested Sheikh Mohammad Sankour and referred him to the public prosecution, driving crowds of citizens to…

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