Bahrainis hold fresh rallies against normalization with Tel Aviv, Israeli army chief’s visit

People in Bahrain have taken to the streets across the Persian Gulf island country to condemn establishment of full diplomatic…

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Bahrainis demonstrate peacefully for unconditional release of political prisoners

Peaceful protest rally in Sanabis of Bahrain in solidarity with Political prisoners. Protesters demand unconditional release of detainees.

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Rights groups slam UK for endangering six Bahraini boys arbitrarily detained in orphanage

Human rights organizations have criticized the United Kingdom for endangering six Bahraini boys, whom they say have been detained at…

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UK-based Bahraini dissidents take Al Khalifah regime to court over FinSpy software

Two Bahraini dissidents have taken a legal action in the United Kingdom against the Al Khalifah regime, accusing the Persian…

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Sheikh Isa Qassim says Bahrainis reject Bennett’s Manama visit

Bahrain’s leading cleric and resistance leader Sheikh Isa Qassim says the people of Bahrain reject the presence of Israeli premier…

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‘Al Khalifa regime illegitimate, must leave rule over Bahrain’

As Bahrainis are marking the eleventh anniversary of the February 14 uprising against the ruling Al Khalifa regime, Bahraini rights…

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Bahrainis mark 2011 uprising with protests against Israeli PM visit

Bahrainis have taken to the streets on the anniversary of their 2011 uprising against the Al Khalifa regime to protest…

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Bahrain: Prison Administration Rejects Ahmed Jaafar’s Family’s Visit Request

Human Rights Activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh said that Ahmed Jaafar called his family and told them he was transferred to Jaw…

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Bahrainis hold rallies against visit of Israel’s minister of military affairs to Persian Gulf island country

People in Bahrain have held protest rallies across the Persian Gulf island country to condemn Bahraini officials over receiving Israeli…

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Bahrain-Israel security pact devoid of legitimacy: Opposition

Bahrain’s main opposition group discredits a security agreement that has been signed between the kingdom and the Israeli regime. The…

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