Head of Bahrain Regime Sacks Ministerial Official for Refusing to Shake Hands with Israeli Ambassador

King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, has sacked “a Bahraini official with the rank of minister, Sheikha May…

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Bahrain’s Al Khalifah regime bans Shia visits to Iraq, Syria

In yet another indication of entrenched hostilities against Shia Muslims in Bahrain, the Al Khalifah regime has banned visits by…

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“I Proceed With the Prophet’s (PBUH) Religion”: Ashura Slogan for this Year in Bahrain

Bahraini scholars launched (June 21, 2022) the new annual Ashura slogan entitled “I Proceed With the Prophet’s (PBUH) Religion”. An…

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HR activist Nabeel Rajab regains full freedom 2 years after Parole

Prominent human rights activist Nabeel Rajab said he ended the alternative punishment program, which lasted for nearly two years, which…

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Al Khalifa regime levels new allegations against Iran

The Bahraini Interior Ministry made new allegations against Iran in a statement on Tuesday. Bahrain’s Interior Ministry has claimed that…

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Amnesty Int’l: Gross Negligence in Face of Confirmed Tuberculosis Infections at Jaw Prison

Amnesty International said in a tweet that the Bahraini authorities are acting with gross negligence in the face of confirmed…

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Bahrain: Dozens demonstrated against death sentences for detainees in Saudi prisons

Dozens demonstrated in Sanabis Village against death sentences for Bahraini detainees in Saudi prisons.

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Bahrain king orders change of title to ‘His Greatest Majesty’, draws online ridicule

Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has ordered his royal title to be changed from “His Majesty” to “His…

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Top Saudi court upholds death sentence of two young Bahraini nationals

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has upheld death sentences of two young Bahraini nationals over trumped-up terror charges. The Riyadh-based supreme…

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Top Bahrain Shia cleric ‘Sheikh Isa Qassim’ participates International Quds Day in Qom

Presence of top Bahraini Shia cleric ‘Sheikh Isa Qassim’ in International Quds Day 2022 in Qom, Iran. Quds Day, officially…

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