Bin Salman’s New Circus For the West

In the latest wave of changes under the so-called reforms, Saudi officials announced changes in the student textbooks, titles, and…

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General Soleimani, an anti-terror hero amid a web of US-Israeli intrigue

His is a tale of heroic deeds. His is a tale of a never-ending battle against the evil forces of…

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17 Years Of War Crimes: Iraq To Sue US

Iraq plans to sue the US in Swedish and German courts for violating its sovereignty and use of uranium munitions…

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Israeli-Moroccan Thaw: Rabat Sells Palestine For Desert

Morocco has become the next stop of the Arab-Israeli normalization train. The news of the development like before was given…

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5th Anniversary of Zaria massacre

12-14th December, 2020 mark exactly 5 years of Zaria massacre perpetrated by bloodthirsty Nigerian army under the order and watch…

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Possible Israeli War On Hezbollah Or Hamas: Reasons, Consequences

The recent military movement by the Israeli forces in the northern front along the Lebanese borders and also in regions…

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Saudi regime blackmails Pakistan government to recognize Israel at earliest

Saudi regime blackmails Pakistan government to recognize Israel at the earliest. Analysts believe Saudi monarchy is also using deportation as…

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Why Are Israeli Leaders Scared About Golan Heights?

In recent weeks, Israeli attacks on Syrian territories especially the southern parts in the vicinity of the Golan Heights have…

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The Palestinian case at the ICC is legal, not political

It took International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda five years to conclude her preliminary examination of the situation in…

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Martyr of self reliance Mohsen Fakhrizadeh of Iran

Martyr of self reliance Mohsen Fakhrizadeh of Iran is the appropriate title for Iranian nuclear scientist who was assassinated last…

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