Saudi-Emirati Clash Over Southern Yemen Possible: Expert

Over the past years, Yemen’s developments predominantly have been tense and uneasy. In the new conditions, things have changed. Since…

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What’s Behind Saudi Silence To Coup Against Hadi In Southern Yemen?

Over the past decade, Yemen has been a hot spot for a geopolitical competition of regional powers. The competition is…

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What’s Behind Israeli Spy Chief’s Secret Visit To Iraqi Ein al-Assad Base?

Chief of Israeli regime’s spy agency Mossad reportedly has secretly visited Ein al-Assad military base hosting the US forces in…

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Three reasons why Bin Salman won’t become king

The Washington Post reported on Friday that Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman iwill replace his ailing father King Salman this…

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Is Bin Zayed Double-Crossing Bin Salman In Regional Cases?

As the Arab world uprisings in 2011 erupted in a number of countries and ousted some conservative regimes, Saudi Arabia…

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Slavery Statues Down: Can Western Systematic Racism Be Eliminated?

During the anti-racism protests in the US that spread to the other Western countries fast, what was the common feature…

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What Jobs Does New Iraqi PM Have Ahead?

A month after Iraqi Prime Minister Mostafa al-Kadhimi formed his government, the Iraqi people and political observers are watching with…

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Idlib Set To Be The Heart Of Syrian Conflict Afresh

The Syrian crisis is now seeing a calm before the storm. A several-month calm to prove that the political agreements…

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Palestinian Authority: Choosing Resistance Or Collapse?

Despite the international opposition to the Israeli regime’s new plot to annex West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on…

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Lebanon, Center Of New Plot Against Axis Of Resistance

As the fear of the coronavirus outbreak eases worldwide, the Lebanese protestors find the situation proper to return to the…

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