jos_yemeni_violenceSeveral Yemeni soldiers and Houthi fighters have been killed in fresh clashes between government forces and fighters in the country, a security official says.

The violence erupted when soldiers ambushed a top Houthi leader in his vehicle in Yemen’s Harf Sufyan district of Amran Province on Monday.

“The exchange of fire between the Houthis and the army took place after a vehicle belonging to the Houthis was overturned on the road of Bart triangle,” the unnamed official told AFP.

The two sides exchanged fire for about half an hour causing several deaths and injuries.

Monday’s fighting was the first clash in several months after a truce ended a bloody war between Sana’a and Houthi fighters.

The conflict between Sana’a and Houthis began in 2004. It intensified in August 2009 when the Yemeni army launched Operation Scorched Earth in an attempt to crush the fighters in the northern province of Sa’ada.

However, the armed encounter ended after the government and the fighters agreed to a ceasefire in February.


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