Yemen frees 54 Shia

jos_yemen Yemeni security authorities set free 54 Shia Houthi’s captured during the latest round of fighting between the government troops and Houthi Shia in the northwest of the country, the nation’s Interior Ministry said on Monday.   The detainees were held in a central prison in the western province of al-Hodeidah, said the ministry. “The release of the 54 Shia Houthi followers came upon high-level governmental directives,” the ministry said in a statement posted on its website. According to the Shiite News,The Yemeni government and Shia Houthi reached a ceasefire agreement on Feb. 11 on ending sporadic battles in northern Yemen which had started since 2004. The Yemeni government accused Houthis of seeking to re-establish the clerical rule overthrown by the 1962 Yemeni revolution which yielded the Yemeni republic.

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