Yemen Gov’t, Shia Houthis near ‘Imminent’ Truce

jos_yemen_huthiThe Yemeni government and Shia Houthis Fighters are close to reaching an agreement ending their six-month war after the Houthi Fighters agreed to the government’s six conditions, an official said on Wednesday. “An agreement between the government and the Shia Houthis to end the war is imminent,” the official told AFP. He said the development comes “in light of (Houthi leader Abdul Malak) al-Houthi’s acceptance of the six conditions,” put forward by the Sanaa government, which included a recently added condition to pledge not to attack neighboring Saudi Arabia. A mediator close to the Houthis said their leader has agreed in his response to the government to “withdraw from the borders (with Saudi Arabia) and hand the area to the Yemeni army.” He also agreed that the Houthis would “remove roadblocks … vacate government buildings and hand Saudi prisoners to the Yemeni government,” he added.

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