US-Saudi Aggression Prevents Planes Fuel, Technical Equipment For Sana’a International Airport

The Director General of Sana’a International Airport, Khaled Al-Shayef, confirmed that the aggression coalition imposed unfair conditions and arbitrary measures in violation of international requirements.

The Director General of the Airport added, to the documentary program Sharp Restrictions on Almasirah TV, that the aggression coalition prevented the entry of aviation fuel, technical equipment and spare parts after inspecting them with the aim of creating justifications for stopping it.

He explained that the aggression coalition resorted to targeting passports issued from the capital of Yemen, while passports in the occupied regions are issued from Riyadh, adding that 10% of those who traveled through the occupied airports were subjected to killing and looting through 20 points.

The director of Sana’a Airport stated that the losses resulting from the direct targeting of Sana’a International Airport are about $160 million, and the indirect losses are $3 billion.

He pointed out that there are more than 5 million expatriates who were not able to visit their families and more than 4,000 students who were deprivation their studies, pointing to more than 3,000 employees who were working at Sana’a Airport who lost their jobs.

Al-Shayef added that the Medical Bridge was to cover the reality, patients were not allowed to travel, even at their own expense.

In the same context, the Director of Air Transport, Mohammad Al-Suraihi, confirmed that the raids on Sana’a Airport destroyed several navigation devices and the electrical system in the runway.

Al-Sarihi explained to a documentarian that civilian equipment and spare parts were seized in Djibouti despite being inspected.

For his part, Najeeb Al-Mutawakel, technical and engineering affairs official at Sana’a International Airport, said that the VR device was directly targeted in 2017 to prevent aircraft from arriving at Sana’a International Airport.

Al-Mutawakel added that the new site of the airport, which is under construction, was targeted with 85 raids, including the offices of the companies operating at the site.

He said that “the aggression deliberately targeted us during the repair work with dozens of raids, and it was targeting even work equipment.” The Minister of Transport, Major General Abdulwahhab Al-Durra, stated that the closure of the airport and targeting it from the first day was for stopping movement to and from it permanently.

Al-Durra added that the security measures used at Sana’a International Airport, which operate in accordance with international security instructions for all airports in the world.

The Minister of Transport stated that there are still people detained who went to travel through the occupied airports, and there are dangers for them.

He pointed out that since its closure, Sana’a airport has only been used by United Nations and Red Cross planes, explaining that the medical bridge has transported only 30 cases out of 35,000 patients.

Al-Durra pointed out that the Security Council and the United Nations had no role in denouncing this blockade, or at least pressuring the coalition to open the airport.

He said that Sana’a International Airport is ready to receive commercial aircraft 24 hours a day.

The head of the Department of Immigration, Passports and Nationality, Ismail Al-Moayyed, considers passport systems to be subject to international standards and specifications, including the quality reading system that is subject to ICAO specifications.

Al-Moayad added that the rumors and propaganda that were spread were aimed at targeting the Yemeni passport itself and tightening the siege on Sana’a International Airport.


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