‘Flames of war to engulf UAE if Abu Dhabi not leave Yemen’

Yemen’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Hisham Sharaf warned the UAE that if Abu Dhabi does not leave the territory and islands of Yemen, the flames of war will engulf the country.

Yemen strongly rejects the UAE’s illegal actions on Yemeni islands and territory, said Hisham Sharaf on Thursday.

“We remind the rulers of Abu Dhabi that our country will be able to bring them back to the right path,” he added. “We warn the rulers of Abu Dhabi to protect their territory and domination within the borders of the UAE.”

Meanwhile, the Saudi-led Arab coalition, backed by the UAE, twice bombed the town of Kataf on the Najran border in eastern Sa’dah province.

Yemeni sources reported in April that the UAE would continue to send troops and military equipment to the island of Socotra, despite its claim of a complete withdrawal.


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