Bahraini Shia Opposition Leader: If Saudi Military Intervene in Bahrain Affairs, We Ask Help from Iran

shia_bahrainBahraini protesters in response to the news that if Saudi military intervene in the internal affairs of Bahrain for the suppression of popular protests, announced that they probably will seek help from Iran to respond to any intervention.

The Shiiite leader of Haq Movement (Right Mov.), the main opposition movement in Bahrain, Hassan Mushaima,  who returned in Manama  after years in exile said: “If Saudi military interfere in the internal affairs of Bahrain, in this case Iranian army has right to interfere Bahrain affairs to support protesters.

“If Bahrain’s ruling system resorting help from Saudi Arabia, in this case it is the right of opposition groups to appeal for help from Iran” Mushaima said in an interview with Alakhbar newspaper.

Mshym Affairs said even spiritual intervention also involved in the affairs of a country is a country, let alone military intervention that has its place. He often through military intervention Persian Gulf Cooperation Council are carried out

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