South African Shia Youth Hold Meeting

south_africanConcurrent with the New Year 2011 and birth anniversary of Jesus Christ (AS), Shia Muslims in South Africa held a meeting in Mpumalanga province.

Iran cultural attaché in South Africa presented a speech at the five day program held at Kande Vale region of the province.

Referring to the message of the Supreme Leader to Hajj  pilgrims of the year 2010, Ahmadi mentioned the responsibilities of the youth regarding the events of today’s world which have originated from the Islamic revolution and urged them to fulfill their duties well.

The Iranian official noted the potential and capabilities of the youth and called on them to maintain their dignity and human values and try to promote their level of knowledge.

He gifted Quranic packs to the participants and appreciated their presence at the program. The packs included copies of Surah Yasin with English translation, the names of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) and the Divine names with English translation and explanation, a book on prayer and the family in Islam by Ayatollah Amini in English.

An educational-religious course was also held in the region to promote the level of religious-cultural knowledge of the youth.

Political and social issues which Shia Muslims need to know in today’s world were discussed as part of the course.

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