African Shia Leader Speechs on Martyrdom of Imam Musa Al-kazim (AS) and Youm-e-Ba’sat

African-Shia-LeaderThe Leader of the Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered a lengthy speech on the Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Musa Al-Kazim (alaihis salam) , Movement’s Martyrs,  Youm-e-Ba’sat and many other  issues.

Sheikh Zakzaky, after usual salutations, explained that the Mourning of Movement’s martyrs coincides with two events- the  Martyrdom of Imam Musa Al-Kazim(AS) and the occasion of Youm-e-Ba’sat i.e the Day Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) received  first revelation through angel Gabriel . For convenience the Programme was shifted to the weekend  which falls on the 28th of Rajab.

Sheikh Zakzaky thus delved into the history of Infallible Imams  where he said their issue, though mentioned in previous  scriptures and vividly explained by the Prophet (AS) in his sayings, has remained unknown to many and this is largely due to some works by their  enemies who attained to positions through crook methods.

He added that many fabrications were made to hide the status of the few known Imams, for example, Imam Hassan(AS) and Imam Husaini (AS) were only considered as grandsons of the Prophet and their father as fourth in Rank among the Companions. While the rest of the A’Immah remains unknown and even those  few who heard about them only regarded them good people.

The Holy Imams were chosen by Allah since before creation of Adam.

Sheikh Zakzaky further explained that the status of Prophethood  cannot be attained through effort in acts of worship or ibadats; it is a status given to whom Allah chooses before creation. Just like Prophets, holy Imams are also chosen by God before creation. The  Imams, who are the continuation of the Message of Islam,  are chosen to guide the Ummah upto the Last Hour so that nobody should have an excuse before Allah.

Imam Musa Bn Jafar(AS), one of the 12 Infallible Imams, was born at a place called Abwab at the outskirt of Madina and his father Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (AS) gave an acknowledgement of his birth. Imam Kazim(AS) suffered much in the cause of Islam; in fact he is a symbol of hardship in the cause of Allah.

At a time when Ummayyad were busy fighting one another on leadership, Imam Muhammad Baqir got the opportunity to compile the sayings of the Prophet into volumes of books, and his son Imam Jaáfar As-sadiq(AS) inherited those books and spread the true knowledge of Islam to all corners of the world. He used to receive people seeking for knowledge in thousands on daily bases. It was recorded that there was a day when 25,000 people went to Madina seeking for knowledge from the great  Imam. During his time knowledge was spread morethan any other time to all parts of the world. Umayyad dynasty ended by that time.

Then came the Abbasid dynasty which realized that people were inclining towards Ahlul Bayt(AS), therefore worked hard to counter Ahlul Bayt influence;  they formed their own Mazahibs or School of Thoughts – the popular Sunni Schools. Not only that, the Abbasid fabricated chain of hadeeth (isnad) to remove the names of Aímmah in the chain.

Just like his fathers, Imam Musa Alkazim spread the true knowledge of Islam, though, in difficult situations. Sometimes his disciples had to disguise to reach him, it was recorded that one of his disciple disguised like a Cucumber Seller which he carried along streets. Inside the cucumber were papers containing questions by the Imam’s followers. So when the seller reaches Imam’s House, the Imam would come out to buy the cucumber. Thus, that was how he used to answer questions from his followers due to tight security.

Martyrdom of Imam Kazim

Despite the difficult situations he was subjected to by Abbasids rulers, Harun Rasheed! was not satisfied and decided to silence him, so he ordered for his arrest and subsequent  imprisonment in various prisons. Spies were attached to him to report his activities and each one reported that Imam was only engaged in act of worships  and supplications. The supplications were for seeking forgiveness for the believers.

Harun decided to end the affair, so he ordered for his killing through poisoning. A poison date was presented to the Imam to break his fast by one Sindi Bn Shahaq, a Jew. Not only that his corpse was taken round the city by Harun men saying ‘ this is the corpse of a rafidi ( a rebel)’ . Just to hide fact, Harun attended the funeral of the Imam.

Sacrifice by holy Imams has been a culture. Since every one must die, the death of Imam is the highest form of worship, what an excellent act! and it is a splendid status given to them by Allah.

Youm-e-Ba’ast ( The Day the Prophet (AS) received the first revelation)

The Leader of the Shia Islamic Movement further explained the importance of Youm-e-Ba’sat, which  he described as day of joy. The day when the Cave of Hira was full of light with light of revelation. On his way back from the cave, The Prophet was greeted by everything saying’ Peace be upon you oh the messenger of God’ .

This is totally contrary what other said about the First Revelation, the opined that the  Prophet saw an unknown face and get confused, then  sayyidah Khadijdah tested him by holding him to her as the face appeared again to know weather  it was a Jinn or an  angel. To the extent that she took him to a Christian monk by name Baraqat Bn Nawfal and the monk told them that it was Namusu who used to visit Isa (AS). He further said that Muhammad was  going to be a Messenger of God. This is a lie and a total distortion;  It is far from Truth and reality, and it does not supposed to be so with messengers of God who were chosen since before creation Sheikh Zakzaky noted.

The second fabrication went to say that the prophet while in the cave of Hira saw Angel Gabreil who squeezed him asking to recite whereupon the prophet replied “ im not a reader” . this is also fabrication, Sheikh Zakzaky noted.

he added that it is very important for us  to celebrate the yawm mab’ ath just like other important days so that true, correct and undiluted information about Islam can be  disseminated to all without which a person can be misled. The source of knowledge is of utmost important otherwise one can be harmed. It is like taking in food or drink that is dangerous to health. Taking an adulterated knowledge from wrong sources is more harmful and dangerous. Imam Ali (AS) says “ everyone should know  where he gets his knowledge”

On the martyrs of the Shia Islamic Movement and the Perpetrators.

Sheikh Zakzaky spoke further on the martyrs of the Shia Islamic Movement where he said  from last year gathering to the present  one some  things happened. some people in  Government planned to stop further gatherings of any kind as they watched  Last Year’s  Shuhada’ Day gathering as presented to them in video CD by one of their men. They connived that something must be done even it means killings to stop any activity.

So they started with an experiment in Maiduguri where they killed some people on something they created. They should know that  Shia is God’s creation and nurtured by the holy Prophet. Religion cannot be killed by any one. I’m calling on them to look back at their predecessors who attempted in vain. It suffices them to look back at one big man who committed all sort of atrocities with view of killing the Da’awah, he died in the end despite all the sophisticated security he had. More so, even if they succeeded in killing members, themselves cannot live forever.

So, I called on them to know that we are not threats at all; our aim is to bring about reforms in the country. Also, killings make people attain highest level of worship which is martyrdom just like Imam Kazim(AS) and therefore they should stop threatening people with death.

A Note To Members

The Leader of the Shia Islamic Movement explained that threats with death should not be of any concern as those who kill don’t  have authority over provisions, life or death. So everyone should have firm believe in Allah and love for attaining martyrdom in the cause of Islam. The most important thing is for one to die a worthy death, weather he lives long or not. Ammar Bn Yassir died at the age of 94 while earlier  his father was beheaded before his eyes, likewise his mother was brutally killed. Realizing that he was performing a deed accepted by Allah-fighting hypocrites and infidels ,  and for his strong convictions he attained martyrdom during the battle of Siffin.

Death is a natural phenomenon as every one must die, the important thing is in what state one meets his Lord. Martyrs are living despite their physical death and their sacrifice will continue to live and with their blood the Tree of Islam shall thrive, God willing, Sheikh explained.

Deaths in Nigeria is on the increase due to accidents, illness, lack of  drugs, inferno  and various infections. The deaths by accidents on Nigerian roads are also on the increase due to  bad roads and old vehicles used in Europe before bringing them to Nigeria. There is no proper statistics for such deaths and the leaders are not concerned at all. To this we say  ‘Allah ya isa’  (May God Judge between us).

We pray that God Almighty shall intervene and compensate each person with what he deserves, in this world and of course in hereafter. We pray that it shall happen in this world as they don’t believe in the hereafter.


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