Egypt’s Grand Mufti: It is Permissible to Use Shia Jurisprudence

Egypts_Grand_MuftiEgypt’s Grand Mufti , Ali Gomaa has declared that it is permissible to use Shia Imamiya Jurisprudence which is useful for the Islamic Ummah.

The senior Sunni Alim has said that proximity between Shia and Sunni Muslim does not imply a follower of a particular Islamic school of thought forsaking his school.

Dr. Ali Gomaa has emphasized on the importance of unity and solidarity among Muslims adding that,  “It is incumbent on all Muslims from all over the world, from every race, belief and school of thought to move towards unity”.

He added that Islamic Unity is a fundamental ideal and of immense importance for the world of Islam noting that, ‘solidarity and unity are clear necessities and among the religious obligations’.

The Egyptian Mufti reiterated that: “Proximity between Shia and Sunni Muslims does not imply a follower of a particular Islamic school of thought embracing the other; further more it does not entail abandoning ones beliefs”.

Dr. Ali Gomaa has condemned extremist views and sectarianism adding that, ‘sectarianism frustrates efforts toward proximity and dialogue among Islamic Schools of Thought’.

Speaking at Egypt’s Darul Ifta’ (House of Fatwa) office during a meeting with Iran’s ambassador to Cairo Sayyed Mojtaba Imani , Dr Gomaa said that: “Many Muslim Ulamaa, Al Azhar and other Islamic institutions have reiterated on the correctness of utilizing Fiqhi achievements of all Muslims and Islamic Schools of Though including the Fiqhi heritage of Imamiya and Zaidi Ulamaa. Their rich and valuable thoughts can not be ignored”.

The prominent Grand Mufti referred to pro-Shia Fatwa of Sheikh Mahmoud Shaltout, the former rector of Al-Azhar, and said: “The Islamic Ummah is unique and as long as Muslims pray in the same prayer direction (Qiblah) then there is no difference between Shia and Sunni Muslims”.

“Enemies of Islam and Muslims try to sever unity and solidarity of Muslims. They look for books to find some differences to encounter Shia and Sunni” noted Mufti Ali Gomaa affirming that this is a big mistake and everyone should be aware of enemies’ conspiracies”.


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