Israeli – Nigirian Attempt to Assassinate Zakzaky Fail Again!

shiite-sheikh-zakzaky1-300x225 In  a blind desperation, combat ready convoy of three vehicles comprising military with a personal tinted car being escorted, on Tuesday (January 19, 2010) attempted to enter into Gyallesu Quarters leading to the residence of Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, with the obvious intent of assassinating him. It would be recalled that Nigerian security operatives had since its first open attempt to assassinate the Sheikh in Ramadan last year, made foiled attempts to systematically execute their evil intent. The recent frantic effort on this week took the form of a smoke screen military convoy trying to pass by the residence of the revered Sheikh, using the empty VIP tinted car as a front to execute their plan. As the convoy moved on suddenly there was a simultaneous sound of a full blare siren. The sound of the siren was intended to douse the sound of the machine gun from the hearing of the public, while the convoy headed straight to the residence of Sheikh Zakzkay. It was at this point that the Hurras guarding the residence raised alarm and started shouting Allahu Akbar, which frightened the attackers and sped away. Since the Nigerian government signed a security pact with Israel last year, specifically to eliminate Sheikh Zakzaky, many attempts were made by the Nigerian security operatives to actualize the insidious intent without success. The latest bogey of using a convoy amidst roaring siren was the latest innovation, perhaps set to them by MOSSAD of the illegal state of Israel. The Nigerian government had openly announced its intention have its police force and other security agencies trained by Israel. In a similar desperation to actualize its assigned duty of crippling the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the sick Nigerian president Umaru Yar’adua, had asked the National Assembly to hurriedly pass the Anti- Terror Bill into law, obviously to hasten the War on Terror formulated by the United States for Nigeria to join other western countries in the persecution of the Islamic Movement and other Muslim groups in Nigeria. Nigerian Government Refines Plot to Suppress the Islamic Movement.  Having failed in the futile attempt of onslaught against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzkay in Ramadan and Ashura last year , coded CX (IV), the Nigerian security operatives have formulated yet another blue print to actualize their objective. The new blue print of operation at the possession of the Movement indicates that the security operatives have come to the conclusion that open attack on the “Shi’ites” is not an easy thing for the fact that the conduct of the Shi’ites “is super – intelligent! Their wisdom is by far over and above that of security agents in Nigeria”, said the blue print. The security agents lamented that public attack on members of the Islamic Movement cannot achieve the desired impact because the Shi’ites refused to take up arms. “The Nigerian security operatives are not happy that the Shiites refused and rejected taking arms”. Other reason attributed to making open attack ineffective, according to the security report, is that the Shi’ites respect their leaders too much.  The report also wondered how the Shi’ites intercepts security reports before government acts on it, thereby making their plan ineffective, and that “Operatives failed to trace how the information get at them, lamented the report. The new plot therefore suggested reversing to the continuation of their former plans of causing confusion between members of the Islamic Movement under Sheikh Zakzaky and other Islamic sects, especially Izala and Salafiyya. The report also expressed the need to work towards the cordial relationship between the Islamic Movement and the Darika group.  New Line of Operation- CX (V) Having made the above observation, the new line of action put in place, according to the report, is to consider planting weapons in houses, shops, markets, mosques and bushes, “not directly linked to the Shiites but investigation will link it to the Shiites and it will be said that the Shiites kept those weapons there”. Latest in the plot, according to the security report, security operatives will be arranged to attack the houses of the Shiites disguised as armed robbers and kill them. “The people will be told that the Shiites get money from outside the country that is why they live in good houses, use good cars, eat good food and also stay in expensive hotels during their programmes”, said the report. Similarly, armed ambushed of members of the Islamic Movement was also considered where, “Shiites can be attacked and killed on roads and streets and people will be made to think that these were acts of armed robbery”. There is also the plan to use security agents disguised as Shi’ites to get more information about their activities. The security report also noted that the Shi’ites collect weekly and monthly dues for their activities. It was therefore agreed that confusion be put in the minds of followers by instigating them to question the legality of collecting the dues and what is being done with the money. The report ended with a call for caution: “It is important that these plans are executed carefully and with wisdom”.


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