Islam has answers to Problems facing humanity, Sheikh Zakzakys

shia-shiekh-zakzaky The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria delivered a lecture exclusively to the conference participants at Multipurpose Youth Center  Hall Katsina. He spoke on issues which include mission of the Islamic Movement, family and ethics, spiritual growth and Islamic system of governance.  The leader said that the aim of the conference of this nature, which is organised quarterly , is to redirect the thinking of members which is a gradual process. The theme of the conference, as the previous ones, is always on the character building, ethic and spiritual growth. He expressed that character molding and attitudinal change is a gradual process which requires constant practice. Speaking on the Trustworthy qualities like sincerity, good manner, Truth etc. the leader expressed that these qualities are the real wealth. Wealth is not only about material possessions as many view it, sound health is also wealth. He however explained that the best of wealth one can have is sincerity, trust and upright manner.  These are qualities which cannot be bought in  market places but are obtained through constant practice until they become part of one’s  personality. He added that one has to have trustworthy qualities as they are one’s essence. The deeds of person shall follow him to next world, while leaving behind material possessions. Therefore anybody who calls to the right path should posses,  as prerequisite, upright manner and in this case members of the Movement should show good example, he expressed. He lamented that bad habits and abominations are becoming norms nowadays to the extent that they are not seen as bad things. Therefore everyone should avoid them in order to set good examples.  He call on all the participating members to make sure their words do not contradict actions. He added that even though members are already enjoying  people’ s trust that does not mean they should be reluctant. Members are known with good qualities and the enemies are always on the alert to hatch a plot aimed at destroying Members’ good image in Public views. The leader noted further that however the enemies’ plots may be, the General Public cannot be deceived. On current situation, Sheikh Zakzaky lamented that people nowadays entrust their lives and wealth in the hands of wrong people instead of trustworthy ones who deserve it. The corrupt leaders who rule over people always view a trustworthy person as a danger that is why whenever they talk of security they mean how to secure their positions. Another thing is that the enemies are always after destroying morality since they cannot build it, he noted. On the issue of knowledge Sheikh expressed that there is continuous increase in the number of clerics nowadays, because it is observed that people’s inclinations is now towards religion. This is contrary to what obtained 40 – 50 years back when to become a scholar was not an easy task. He expressed that to be a scholar requires hard work as one  has to know his era and the era the Quran was revealed  before one can correlate and grasp the meanings of verses of the holy Quran. He further added that seeking knowledge is a continuous process just as one cannot stop eating food because he ate a lot in the past. He added that in learning right channels must be followed. Listening to audio CDs and Cassettes alone does not suffice. On the issue of Children upbringing he lamented how the youngsters are now subjected to various forms of abuse instead of equipping them with knowledge while the so called leaders don’t even care. He cited the example of Japan when its two cities were destroyed by America and therefore noticed that what remained for them was their children, so they established universities of science and technology purely for the children. Japan is now highly developed in terms of technology. The leader of the Islamic Movement also spoke on family and ethics, he expressed with dismay on how culture has adulterated some of our values; ignorance has also contributed. The only solutions to issues regarding family problems is living in accordance with the provision of Shari as it specifies  the rights and obligations of both the husband and the wife. Women should be educated  in order to have religious home. He added. On the mission of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Zakzaky noted that its aim is to revive Islam in our daily lives so that it runs the affairs of Muslims. Taking over government is not the aim, but to revive the teachings of Islam in our lives. Sheikh Zakzaky concluded by expressing that seeking knowledge goes together with practice. He prayed for Allah’s guidance and help in our affairs. After the lecture, Sheikh Zakzaky had a press conference where he answered questions with regard to activities of the Islamic Movement and general issues.


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