Islamic State Shall Exist in Nigeria-Sheikh Zakzaky at a Public Lecture in Katsina

shiite-sheikh-zakzaky Leader of Islamic Movement, Sheikh Zakzaky delivered a public lecture in the ancient city of Katsina on Saturday night attended by multitude from and around Katisna metropolis before a delivering a closing lecture of a 3-day general conference in Katsina. He started by congratulating the gathering on the advent of New Islamic year 1431. He described the importance of Hijrah(migration)  of the Prophet(SAWA) to medina which he said ” is the Land mark of Human history”. He added that there were other importance dates in Arab history like the year of destruction  of Abraha and his armies who attempted to destroy the ka’aba  before the birth of the Prophet in which the Arabs called the year Amm Fil ( the year of Elephants). Others include the birth year of the Prophet(SAWA) and the year he declared his message. However, the Islamic Calendar did not start with those years and instead it started with the migration of the Prophet to Medina, because with this  Hijrah the first Islamic Government was established from where Islam continued to spread to all parts of the World, Sheikh explained. Before the Hijrah, Muslims suffered persecutions in Makkah, and after their migration to Medina with the Prophet they were able to practice their belief freely. Medina accepted the Prophet as leader not as asylum seeker. Its name was changed from Yathrib or Tayyibah to Medinatur Rasul( the city of the Messenger). The people of Madina displayed a kind of sacrifice never seen in history. For the sake of Islam and the Prophet they sacrificed their lives, possessions and even their children. The prophet established a strong bond of brotherhood among the people of Madina and those from Makka who migrated with him to the extent that they inherited one another. A verse was later revealed stopping that, Sheikh Zakzaky expressed. He therefore explained that to establish Islamic system of governance is of utmost necessity for Islamic Sharia to be fully implemented. Still on the advent of the new Islamic year Sheikh Zakzaky condoles the ummah on the event of Ashura where Yazid aimed at uprooting Islam altogether which occurred in the month of Muharram. On the state of affair in Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky  pointed out that since the coming of the colonial rulers they tried to define religion as a personal affair that has nothing to do with Politics, culture, laws etc., adding that this originated at the time Church was always against scientific knowledge, research and discovery and even killed any scientist for his discovery. So the people, who left Christianity and separated Politics from Church, happened to have control on masses. They are the people who view Mosques just like church and tried to separate Islam from Politics. Those among Muslims with such opinion really don’t read the Holy Quran.  The Book of Allah has everything vividly explained, said Sheikh Zakzaky. He said further that even those who led the Ummah in the name of Islam like Umayyads and Abbasids could not separate politics from Islam because doing so would make them loose control of  the people.  Alas, Islam makes provisions in all aspect of human endeavor- it makes law on the food he eats, drinks, dresses, marriage, even sleeping. There is no aspect of human activities which Sharia does not make Provision. How can the religion which does  not even omit laws on entering toilet  be removed from Politics!!?  He lamented. God does not leave mankind without providing him with laws and guidance in all aspect of his life, he noted. The challenge of Islam to unbelievers in Makkah. The leader  of the Islamic Movement elaborated that the word “ la’ ilaha ilallah ( there is no deity except Allah)” is the only word which threw a serious challenge to the unbelievers for understanding it’s  meaning and implications. Had the Prophet only confined himself to one God and at the same time allowing the unbelievers to worship their idols, he would not have faced challenges and opposition from them. But the kalimah negated all their idols thus they fought him. After his migration they still pursued him to medina to kill him with his followers. Nowadays, the enemies of Islam tried always to ascribe everything, created by God, to nature just to devalue Islam and also tried to separate the system running affairs of people from Islam. The so called democracy, as it being formulated presently, is nothing but hypocrisy with aim of removing Islam from politics. In the current situation they want everybody to be just Nigerians without difference in culture, tribe or religion and that everyone should discard his belief. This is just a deception. Which kind of thinking support  such nationalism !? The only solution to our problems is Islam, so all our activities should go in line with Sharia. Islam is all about full implementation of sharia as Islam covers all aspects of human endeavour and as such Islam is inseparable from politics. Most unfortunate thing is that Muslims, despite the fact that they have the book of Allah, seek solutions from other  sources. Some people opined that all issues about any religion be left aside and try to formulate solutions to many problems facing humanity outside God’s guidance, whosoever has such views has no religion and belief, Leader expressed. He added that solutions lie in Islam as 200 years ago Islam ruled this part of this world for almost 100 years;  later colonialists came and removed it, nowadays people are  tired of what the system they brought. Sheikh concluded that how the Prophet  established Islam in Medina was the same way Sheikh Bn Fodio established Islam in this part of the world. Are we still on the path of Sheikh Bn Fodio?  He asked as the audience answered  ‘NO’ . He therefore expressed that the Ummah must rise against unislamic system as  God has power over everything. Nobody is asked to wait for the re-emergence of Imam Mahdi(AJ) as by  looking at Iran It is possible to have Islamic state. On the issue of people’s  response to the call Sheikh Zakzaky expressed that one has to decide to join the struggle not to remain as onlooker adding that People normally are categories into 3 when it comes to the issue of struggle- a few who  call for justice, those who fight the effort who are few too and the onlookers who are the  majority.  Sheikh gave assurance that Islamic state will exist as injustice can never last. He prays for Allah’s help and guidance.


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