Muslims commemorate Ashura in Australia// pictorial report

australia5-150x150The Muslim Shiite community revived the anniversary of Imam Hussain’s (AS) martyrdom in the Australian capital Sydney. Our correspondent in Sydney reported that a huge rally took place as more than three thousand people participated in the rally, regardless of their nationality. They carried flags and banners, chanting Latmiyat Husseiniya (chanted slogans), in which they mourn martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his family (A.S.). Religious scholars also took part in the rally. The participants started their rally from the field of “Hyde Park” all the way to the “Harbor” bridge and the famous “Opera House”. As the rally attracted the attention of tourists who were in the city, a team of coordinators  of the march took over the task of explaining the idea of Ashura, what lesons and meanings it holds within its folds, as well as clarifying the goal of the march and such a commemoration. Some Chinese tourists participated in the march, expressing their solidarity with the participants. As for the Australian police, an official stated hailed the participants and said the rally was peaceful and very organized. australia1-300x200 australia2-300x200 australia3-300x200 australia5-300x200 australia6-300x200

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