Imposing new sanctions on Iran could be dangerous, Kerry warns

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned the administration of Donald Trump against imposing new economic sanctions against Iran, saying such a move could push the country into a corner and that would be dangerous.

Speaking at a fundraising event in San Francisco on Monday, Kerry said that new sanctions could send a message to the people of Iran that there is no gain for them in the 2015 nuclear agreement reached between the Islamic Republic and six major powers.

“If we become super provocative in ways that show the Iranian people there has been no advantage to this, that there is no gain, and our bellicosity is pushing them into a corner, that’s dangerous and that could bring a very different result,” Kerry said.

Last month, the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee voted in favor of legislation that would authorize Trump to impose new sanctions on Iran over its missile program, which Tehran has repeatedly said is defensive.

The bill needs the approval of the Senate, the House of Representatives and President Trump to become law.

According to reports published on Monday, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pushing the Senate toward passing tougher sanctions against Iran.

Hawkish Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters last month that he would try to add new Russia sanctions to the Iran bill if it made it to the Senate floor.

“I’m glad we’re doing something on Iran [sanctions], but if the bill comes out of committee on the floor I’m going to add Russian sanctions to it. Try to anyway,” Graham told reporters.


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