Trump hails US troops in Iraq despite deadly Mosul raid

US President Donald Trump has praised American troops for doing “very well” in Iraq, maintaining his silence on an airstrike in Mosul that killed scores of civilians earlier this month.

Speaking to a group of senators gathered at the White House on Tuesday, Trump said “our soldiers are fighting like never before” in Iraq and the Arab country was on a positive trajectory in pushing back terrorist groups.

“The results are very, very good,” Trump said, fresh off a phone conversation with Secretary of Defense James Mattis. “I just wanted to let everyone know.”

The rare remarks, which appeared to be unscripted, were in contrast with Washington’s claims that its more than 5,000 troops stationed in Iraq do not partake in the battle against terrorist groups and only provide logistic support to Iraqi forces.

The US combat mission in Iraq ended in 2010, when former president Barack Obama ordered almost all US troops to withdraw from the Arab state.

Despite Trump’s silence, the Pentagon has admitted that one of its airstrikes in Mosul on March 17 may have led to the death of at least 237 civilians.

Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, who currently commands the Combined Joint Task Force in Iraq, said Tuesday that the US “probably had a role in those casualties.”

However, he said the level of damage and the extent of casualties showed that the deadly strike was not entirely Washington’s fault.


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