US, Saudi, Israel give rise to terrorism: Analyst

The US government’s “interventionist” foreign policy helps terrorism grow, an American analyst says, noting that Israel and the Wahabbist ideology that stems from Saudi Arabia also contribute to the problem.

Mark Dankof, a former US Senate candidate based in San Antonio, made the remarks on Wednesday, after a FBI report revealed the link between the American foreign policy and homegrown terror in the US.

The study, which was conducted by the FBI’s counter-terrorism division in 2012, surveyed intelligence experts and special agents who were working on over 200 cases linked to “homegrown violent extremists,” the Intercept reported Tuesday.

The findings of the survey backed the FBI’s conclusion that terrorists “frequently believe the US military is committing atrocities in Muslim countries, thereby justifying their violent aspirations.”

“This is simply another case of the federal government spending money on something that is absolutely obvious,” said Dankof. “Of course, there is a connection and this is the connection.”

The analyst said America’s “interventionist foreign policy” serves as root cause of terrorism both on the US mainland and other parts of the world.

Dankof said by creation of Israel on “stolen” Palestinian lands, the US basically maintained its role as a supporter of terrorism in general.

The analyst argued that as long as Washington employs its imperialist foreign policy terrorism will continue to grow.

Citing Syria as an example, Dankof said America and its staunch allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia destroyed a big chunk of the Arab country by training and equipping Wahabbist terrorists, some of whom have now turned against their masters.

“So as long as this sort of thing goes on, this situations and the terrorism are only going to get worse and this I think is abundantly clear,” he said.

According to Dankof, Washington’s chief concern is “people who are essentially America-first conservatives and who want no part of these ongoing wars.”

The analyst predicted that if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gets elected to the White House in November “there is going to be even greater and much more dissent against the American policies in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world.”

The FBI survey comes at a time when the US government is under pressure for its widespread engagement in various armed conflict around the world, specifically in the Middle East region.

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