US drops food, weapons packages for ISIL forces

In the wake of the ongoing battles between Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces and the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group, conflicting and contradictory news about the advances of this predominately Shi’a militia group has been widely propagated.

Speaking exclusively with Rasa News from the frontlines of the battle against ISIL near the city of Saqlawiyah, near Fallujah in al-Anbar province, Qasab, a commander of the Popular Mobilization Forces experssed satisfaction regarding the advance of the Popular Mobilization Forces and said the terrorists have been eliminated from many areas.

Qasab added that the Popular Mobilization Forces in Fallujah and near the Dhiraa’ Canal have recently attacked the enemy’s positions and paved the way for the liberation of many areas of al-Anbar province.

This military commander stressed that the high morale spirit of the Popular Mobilization Forces was a factor for their growing success, adding that the enemies only have one weapon to fight against their high morale – their use of explosive traps and booby-trapped exploding cars.

“These weapons,” he said, “have led to the deaths of many brave members of the Popular Mobilization Forces.”

Qasab noted that these types of attacks rarely achieve their intended goals and added that our vigilant Popular Mobilization Forces often destroy these car bombs with rocket-propelled grenades before they reach our military bases.

He stated that the media reports about the Fall of Mosul on June 4-10, 2014 lack authenticity, adding: “That which the media publishes in regard to the facts on the ground and what we see from close up and the advances of the Popular Mobilization Forces are very different.”

US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey there for ISIL

The commander of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Saqlawiyah spoke of the open support from Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region to ISIL Takfiri terrorists and stated that in the city of Baiji, for every ten members of ISIL, eight of them are from Saudi Arabia. “Qatar is also a financial supporter of this terrorist group and Turkey has provided safe passage for the entry and exit of terrorists in Iraq,” he added.

This Iraqi fighter described the United States’ actions in the fight against ISIL, saying: “The US tries to present itself as a member of the anti-ISIL coalition and promotes an apparently positive image for itself in Iraq, in the region and in world public opinion, but these measures have no benefit because the nature of the Americans’ fraudulent actions is obvious to all.”

Qasab noted that numerous times, we have witnessed American helicopters dropping packages containing food and weapons for ISIL terrorist forces. Some nights, they stop for several hours at ISIL bases in the region.

In conclusion, he referred to the clear stance against the enemies of Islam and stressed that Iraq is a country where the school of the Ahlul-Bayt (A) is prevalent. “With the help of God Almighty, and with self-respect and through martyrdom, the Popular Mobilization Forces will be victorious on the battlefield against ISIL. This victory will for be for the true Muslims and the oppressed people of Iraq and the Takfiri terrorists will be eliminated,” he said.

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