Egyptian soldiers’ blood isn’t saleable with Saudi dollars

Nile Television Network during analyzing Yemen’s events pointed to the records and character of king Salman and Muqrin (Saudi Crown Prince) which is significant to read.
According to this Television Network, king Salman served the Governor of Riyadh for about 50 years and he was appointed as defense minister after the death of former crown prince, Sultan. He was also named Crown Prince after the death of his brother Nayef bin Abdulazia Al Saud. Salman was crowned as the new king of Saudi Arabia following the death of his half-brother King, Abdullah.

King Salman got this position by others’ death not his own ability therefore it is not unlikely to have unexpected behavior and hasty decisions.
Muqrin has a limited history of military and security and he does not have much political experiences. As a crown prince he was direct general of Saudi Intelligence service so he has security view. Because of his Yemeni mother he always faced humility by Sudairybut king Abdullah appointed Muqrin as his Crown Prince to prevent Sudairy’s complete dominance and to maintain power. MoreoverMuqrin is inexperienced in politics andlack of credibility and position of his clan;he also has no commitment to values of Islamand also Wahhabism.
From the Egyptian Nile TV analyst’s view, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the deputy crown prince, is more experienced and informed than king Salman and crown prince of the kingdom.
He is grown with his special work in the system of government and he is appointed as the minister of interior and Europe and America are interested in him.
Prince Mohamed, unlike most of the royal family, is young and educated in the United States. He has successful records in fight against terrorism which owes much of its contribution to the

American security system thus America had an effective role in his achievements.
Egyptian Nile TV analyst by explaining the personality of Saudi rulers concluded that why and in what justification Egyptian soldiers sacrificed their lives for Saudi kings’ mistakes. He asked the audiences whether blood of Egyptian soldiers is tradable with dollars of inexperienced Saudi rulers!?


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