Sudanese say no to normalization of ties with Israel

Sudanese people held a protest in front of the UAE embassy in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, and condemned the efforts to normalize relations with the Israeli regime.

In the protest which was held on Monday evening, the Sudanese protestors opposed the interference of foreign countries, especially the UAE, in the internal affairs of Sudan with the aim of advancing their policies.

The demonstrators in front of the UAE embassy in Khartoum also demanded an end to the influence of European countries and the interference of Israeli agents in Sudan’s internal affairs.

Abdul Aati Othman, one of the Sudanese protestors, told the Iran Press correspondent in Khartoum: “We are against any foreign interference in Sudan’s affairs, and foreign ambassadors must adhere to diplomatic procedures.”

This Sudanese citizen emphasized that Sudanese people can solve their internal crises and problems without any foreign interference.

“Nafisa Awad Al-Sayed”, a Sudanese woman protester, told Iran Press correspondent in front of the UAE Embassy in Khartoum that Sudanese men and women can solve their problems without foreign interference.

Another Sudanese protester, Al-Haj Dawood, told the Iran Press correspondent that any foreign interference in Sudan is condemned and that some embassies are agents of the Israeli regime and supporters of the normalization of relations with this regime.

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