Mace says there is ‘pressure on the Republicans’ to impeach Biden if they win House

If Democrats suffer major losses in November’s midterm elections — as widely expected — and the GOP takes control of the House, Republicans will face pressure to impeach US President Joe Biden, according to Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.).

“I believe there’s a lot of pressure on Republicans to have that vote, to put that legislation forward, and to have that vote,” Mace said on Sunday of an impeachment vote when asked by NBC “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd.

“I think that is something that some folks are considering,” she continued.

Mace did not say whether she would vote on a potential Biden impeachment, but added that she did not vote to impeach former Republican President Donald Trump in 2021 because “due process was stripped away.”

“I will not vote for impeachment of any president if I feel that due process has been stripped away for anyone, and I typically vote constitutionally regardless of who’s in power,” she told Todd.

“I want to do the right thing for the long term because this isn’t just about today, tomorrow, this year’s election. This is about the future of democracy. This is about protecting our Constitution.”

Among the Republican lawmakers frequently demanding Biden’s impeachment is far-right Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene, who introduced her impeachment articles in 2021, arguing that Biden has abused his presidential power to help his son Hunter facilitate shady business deals with China.

Taylor-Greene reaffirmed her commitment to the idea on July 7, when the Free Beacon report was published.

Republicans in the House last week released an outline of their agenda if they take the House majority, dubbed “Commitment to America.”

The agenda proposes conducting “rigorous oversight to rein in government abuse of power and corruption,” referencing the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Biden administration’s handling of the American retreat in Afghanistan.

Mace on Sunday said she would prefer to focus on reducing inflation and improving the economy, rather than “chasing that rabbit down the hole.”

“I do believe it’s divisive, which is why I push back on it personally when I hear folks saying they’re going to file articles of impeachment in the House,” she said. “I push back against those comments because we need to be working together.”

The ABC News-Washington Post poll, produced by Langer Research Associates and published on Sunday, found that two-thirds of US voters think the upcoming midterm elections in November are more important than past midterms.

The poll found that 67 percent of voters feel casting a ballot in the midterms is more important than in past elections, with 35 percent saying this year is “much” more important.

Whereas, 28 percent of voters said they believe this year’s election has about the same importance as previous years, and 5 percent said it’s less important.

Republicans are in the lead to control the US House of Representatives after this year’s midterm elections, with 230 seats projected for the GOP and 205 for Democrats, according to a recent CBS News Battleground Tracker.

Republican victories in 230 districts would give GOP 12 seats more than the 218 required to control the House, the poll showed, according to The Hill.


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