’Israeli’ Fear Unprecedented: Hizbullah’s Firepower Equivalent to All European Countries!

The so-called former “Israeli” national security adviser, Gen. Jacob Amidror, described Hizbullah’s military power as “unparalleled”.

Jacob Admiror

In an article published by “Israel Today” newspaper , Admiror stated that “Hizbullah is in possession of 150 thousand of rockets and missiles.”
He further added that “many thousands of these rockets are capable of reaching any point in “Israel”.”

Amidror – a senior official known for being a major decision-maker in “Tel Aviv” – confirmed that “this [Hizbullah’s] firepower is very rare, especially in terms of its size and density.”
“It is perhaps equivalent to all the European countries’ gathered firepower,” he warned.

In parallel, the senior “Israeli” official pointed out that “Hizbullah has Sea-land long range missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, and unmanned drones as well as modern anti-tank missiles.”

“Hizbullah has a hierarchically well organized military structure,” Admiror said, noting that ” the party has a very good quality of control and leadership.”
According to the top “Israeli” official, “Hizbullah has gained a very large combat experience in Syria.”

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s victory in Syria will lead to the strengthening of Hezbollah’s position and prestige in both Lebanon and Syria.”

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