People protest in Nigeria in support of Sheikh Zakzaky

A number of people, as supporters of Nigeria’s top Shia Cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, staged peaceful demonstration, demanding the immediate release of leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) and his wife.

As the unjust trial of Nigerian Muslim leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky is set to begin tomorrow, a group of his supporters staged a peaceful demonstration in the capital Abuja.

A number of supporters of Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaki, including women, held placards and pictures of him in Nigerian capital Abuja, demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife.

Sheikh Zakzaky was arrested in December 2015 after an attack by army and police forces on his residence in Kaduna State in northern Nigeria. In this attack, a great number of people were martyred and wounded. Nigerian security and military forces also arrested Sheikh Zakzaky’s wife, Malam Zeenat Ibrahim.

Many international human rights organizations condemn the killing. In early May 2016, Amnesty International accused Nigerian military of killing Shiites, burying them in mass graves and destroying documents related to the crime.

Soheila Zakzaky, daughter of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, recently reported that her parents were in critical condition due to medical negligence, saying that her parents were both injured when they were arrested and now their health condition have been worsened.

Recently, a number of supporters of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky demonstrated in Nigeria, demanding his immediate and unconditional release.

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