‘ISIS-inspired’ terrorist cell members arrested in Poland

Four Tajik nationals have been detained in Poland for allegedly recruiting Muslim converts with the aim of carrying out terrorist activities, according to the spokesman of the minister coordinator for special services.

According to the minister’s spokesman, Stanislaw Zaryn, Poland’s Internal Security Agency found evidence showing that the four suspects sympathized with, and supported, the activities of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), although they were not members.

The four were allegedly planning to recruit people to join their terrorist cell and were arrested on May 7. “They were inspired by ISIS,” Zaryn told Reuters, “but they were not a part of the organization.”

According to the ministry, the individuals in question have been placed in a detention center and are awaiting extradition from Poland back to Tajikistan. They will also be included on a list of persons permanently banned from ever entering any countries within the Schengen Area.

Last month, four Tajik nationals were arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning to attack US military bases there.

Some 1,900 people are believed to have left Tajikistan – the poorest former Soviet republic – since 2015 to fight in ISIS’ ranks, according to figures released by Tajik national security officials in 2018.

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