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Saudi-backed monster ISIL ‘wants to destroy’ Saudi royals!

How much responsibility does Saudi Arabia have for the chaos cause to Syria, Iraq and the entire region by the now-infamous ISIL?

Algeria’s Le Quotidien d’Oran, noted columnist Kharroubi Habib writes that in an effort to displace al-Qaeda, which seeks the overthrow of the Saudi monarchy, Saudi “strategists” decided to back a new group – ISIL. The only trouble is that ISIL “wants to destroy” the Saudi royal family even more than al-Qaeda did.

Kharroubi Habib begins by saying that the Saudis, even if they engineered ISIL’s creation, were shocked to find that the group wanted to create a ‘Muslim caliphate’ and topple the Saudi regime:

Without the massive and multifaceted aid lavished on it by Saudi Arabia, the Takfiri group of ISIL could not have become this war machine which, after having routed the Iraqi Army and taken control of the Sunni-dominated areas of Iraq, has proclaimed the creation of the so-called caliphate and called all believers to swear their allegiance.

It has therefore been thought that the recent turn of events in Iraq has filled the emirs of Saudi Arabia with joy. Yet that is not the case, as panic prevails in Riyadh, where the success achieved by ISIL is regarded as a threat to the kingdom. The panic that has set in among Saudi emirs is such that they have deployed over 30,000 troops along the kingdom’s border with Iraq, are considering seeking Jordanian military support on bended knee, and even the Zionist regime of Israel has indicated that it anticipates such a request, and is prepared to provide military assistance to “moderate” Arab states that feel threatened by the expansion of the Islamist group.

In coming to this conclusion, Saudi Arabia is acknowledging its role in the creation of a “monster” that has now escaped its influence, the proof being the creation of the “Muslim caliphate,” the premise of which denies the leadership of the Saudi monarchy, which believes it has the right as sovereign rulers in the land of Islam’s holy places to exercise influence over the Muslim world. Blinded by their hatred of the Iranian Islamic Republic, the Saudis financed and armed ISIL, and put pressure on Sunni rebels in Iraq to align with the terror group, calculating, behind the scenes, that such a force would be satisfied with establishing a more equal balance of power for Sunnis in Iraq by bringing down the government of Nouri al-Maliki. In proclaiming the birth of the “Muslim Caliphate” that seeks the submission of all Muslims, including the Saudis, ISIL has made it clear that it doesn’t adhere to the Saudi project.


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