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Family of Saudi Shia cleric unaware about is whereabout despite 15 days of detention

shiite news sheikh saudiMystery wrapped again the conditions of detention, Sheikh Tawfiq Al-Amer, a senior Shia  cleric in Al-Ahsa and civil rights advocate detained in Saudi Wahabi’s prisons for more than two weeks.

It may be noted here that Saudi Arabian Shi’a cleric Sheikh Tawfiq Jaber Ibrahim al – ‘Amr was arrested on 3 August. He may be a prisoner of conscienceØŒ held solely for peaceful ly exercis ing his right t o freedom of expression.

Sheikh Tawfiq Jaber Ibrahim al – ‘Amr was arrested in the evening of 3 AugustØŒ while he was on his way home from a mosque in the city of al – HafoufØŒ al – Ahsa governorate.

Informed sources told the Shiite News that the family of Sheikh al-Amer was become unaware of his whereabouts again after spending the last days in police custody west of Dammam.

The source quoted the officials at the police station that Sheikh Amer has been shifted to another place of detention since Wednesday, but they refused to inform his family about the news place of detention of Sheikh Amer.

His family did not know where he was until 18 AugustØŒ when they found out he was detained in a police station in the west of the city of Dammam and were allowed to visit him. He had been detained incommunicado in solitary confinement until then. He is reported to have been held for “inciting public opinion” in statements he had made in his sermons during Friday prayers.

Sheikh Tawfiq Jaber Ibrahim al – ‘Amr was reported to have received a letter from the authorities a few days before he was arrested telling him to report to themØŒ but without giving any reason. Apparently he did not report to them.

Sheikh Tawfiq Jaber Ibrahim al – ‘Amr is a Shi’a cleric in al – Ahsa governorate. He had previously been arrested on 27 February following a sermon he gave calling for reforms in Saudi Arabia. During his sermon on 25 February he had expressed the need for reform in Saudi ArabiaØŒ including a constitutional monarchyØŒ fair distribution of jobsØŒ and an end to discrimination against religious minorities. He was released without charge on 6 MarchØŒ after a week detained incommunicado. His most recent arrest is also believed to be linked to his continuing calls for reform.


Before, and the family that faced a blackout formally applied on site detention of Sheikh for the first five days of his disappearance.

Family members said that reviewed a number of prisons and police stations in search of Sheikh and verbally, but they denied the existence of any of these centers.

Family sources said the identical rights and it still does not know the motives for the arrest of Sheikh Amer and whether the authorities and the specific charges against him.

Expressing concern that Sheikh Tawfiq Jaber Ibrahim al – ‘Amr may be held solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression and association and thatØŒ if soØŒ Amnesty International would consider him a prisoner of conscience and call for his immediate and unconditional release;

Urging the authorities to ensure that Sheikh Tawfiq Jaber Ibrahim al – ‘Amr is protected from torture and other ill – treatmentØŒ and given regular access to his familyØŒ lawyer and any medical attention he may require;

Asking them to publish details of any charges he faces and ensure that any legal proceedings against him conform to international fair trial standards.

Amer is one of the most prominent advocates of civil rights and freedoms in the Wahabi-Nasabi Kingdom.

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