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Senior Saudi Shia cleric warns against distortion of ME uprisings

jos_news_Saudi_Shia_jos_ClericSenior Saudi Shia cleric warned against a return of the dictatorship and distortion of the uprisings in the Arab countries of the Middle East. According to the Shiite News,Sheikh Hassan Saffar, renowned Saudi scholar referred to the Islamic awakening on the Middle East and warned against the return of the tyrants’ era.

This member of the general assembly of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought said,” Muslim nation is in danger of the return of western powers through tyrannical rulers in the region.”

He referred to the impending danger of militarism in the Muslim countries and said,” Regional nations were freed after their direct confrontation with the colonial powers.” adding that,” However the colonial powers struggle for their demands in secret and today the biggest threat for Muslims is militarism of their countries.”This religious figure from Saudi Arabia asked for an end to the bloodshed of the Muslims and also resignation of the regional dictators.

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