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Al-Nimer calls for a political stand to the sectarian coexistence

jos_saudi_hassan_al_nimerProminent Saudi Shia prominent cleric Syed Hassan Al-Nimer demanded the Saudi government of taking a brave decision that drive Saudi communities toward sectarian coexistence.   He expressed these views during a meeting that was held in Qatif and was attended by several public, social and religious figures from around Saudi, Syed Al-Nimer highlighted that Saudi Shia citizens are deprived from their basic rights. According to the Shiite News, Al-Nimer, further explained, that Saudi Shia citizens in Dammam and Khobar are not allowed to have their own mosques, religious hall (Hussainya) and cemeteries. “This is not normal at all.” Mr. Al-Nimer added. It may be noted here that the biased Saudi authorities closed nine Shia mosques in the cities of Khobar, Ras Tanura, Khafji and Abqaiq. Saudi authorities put surveillance on several “mosques possible” areas and have detained several Shia citizens for hosting Jama’a prayers in their houses. It should be noted here that Emara vice Prince Jalawi bin Abdulaziz and Emara Prince Office manager Zareb Al-Qahtani informed Shia delegation to utilize Sunni mosques when they went complaining about closure of their own mosques. Yet, when Shia citizen followed Emara instruction and performed prayers in Sunni mosques, they were detained by authorities!


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