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Saudi Wahhabi cleric allows sex with sisters for takfiris in Syria

Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi mufti has shamefully allowed Deobandis-allied Wahhabi takfiris terrorists to enjoy sexual intercourse with their sisters that he dubbed as Jihad-Sex.

Wahhabis, invented by British imperialists, occupied Holy Land of Islam due to support from their foreign masters and since World War II , they are undeclared ally of illegitimate and fake state of Israel and declared ally of United States and U.K.

Saudi monarchy patronize takfiri terrorism through Salafi-Wahhabis and allied Deobandis across the Muslim world in a bid to help Zionist regime in its unilateral war on oppressed Palestinians in the occupied Palestine and allies of Palestinians. So, Saudi monarchy and their loyal clerics have focused on Syria, Lebanon and Iran alongside Iraq and Yemen.

Saudi-invented al-Qaida and Taliban and many of their branches and affiliates and allies have massacred hundreds of thousands across the Muslim world and now they are fighting the Syrian regime that is the only Arab regime that provides logistic support to Palestinian resistance groups.

Hence, Saudi mufti Nasir-ul-Umar, serving the interests of Saudi-allied U.S. and U.S.-allied Zionists has allowed the so-called takfiri jihadis of Daish, ISIS, ISIL and other outfits that if they cannot reach non-Mehram women or girls in battlefield then they can enjoy sex (jihad sex) with their sisters and relatives girls who are their Mehram. Muslims are not allowed to marry Mehram girls or women. Islam forbids it and declares it haraam (compulsorily forbidden).

But, Saudi cleric Nasir al Umar, a Zionist puppet allowed the forbidden sex. Earlier, they allowed it in the name of Jihad ul Nikah. Nikah is the sort of formal marriage or wedding in Islam. No woman and man can become wife and husband without Nikah. But nobody can marry sister, maternal and paternal aunts, brothers, father/mother, and maternal and paternal uncles. Islam doesn’t allow forced marriage as well.


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