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Saudi Arabian authorities have arrested at least nine prominent judges amid reports that Crown Prince

Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) is seeking to get rid of political dissidents and potential royal challengers with the aim of clearing his path to the succession once his elderly and ailing father, King Salman, steps down or dies.

Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) reported that the judges are charged with “high treason” – a crime punishable by death in the kingdom. The judges are said to be loyal supporters of the 36-year-old prince, and the recent arrests bear striking similarities to previous purges of rivals of MBS.

Of the nine judges confirmed arrested, three came from the First-Degree Specialized (Terrorism) Court, three were from the Appellate Specialized Court, and the last three came from the High Court – the highest court in Saudi Arabia.

DAWN identified two of the judges as Abdullah bin Khalid al-Luhaidan and Abdulaziz bin Medawi al-Jaber.

Luhaidan convicted prominent women’s rights defender Loujain Alhathloul of baseless terrorism charges. Jaber sentenced a minor to the death penalty. He also sentenced many people to death in the mass execution of 81 men last month.


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