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Mufti of Saudi Arabia: ISIS is More Dangerous Than Infidels

Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said that ISIS organization had announced in reality a “misguided state,” adding that members of the organization are hypocrites, and they do worse than the “infidels”.

Mufti said, in his weekly program “Yanabee al- Fatwa” which is aired on “Nedaa al- Islam” Radio from Mecca, that the issue of the hypocrites in the past and present is “more dangerous than others,” he said. “Infidels issue is clear, but the hypocrite who claim Islam and affiliated to it falsely are more harmful to the people than the infidel.”
He talked about ISIS and the armed militant groups issue m by saying “those are wrongdoers criminals, they were brought in order to humiliate the Islamic nation and disunite us to target Islam religion and show that it is a religion of bloodshed that does not care about blood, money or human dignity “according to Saudi Press Agency.
He added that “those have distorted the image of Islam abroad and attributed to Islam what is innocent from them, and claimed to have an “Islamic state”, and God knows that they are hypocrites and liars.”
He called the media to “clarify this matter and to reveal to the people this cover perhaps because of some people sympathize with them, because they have declared an “Islamic state”, which is a misguided non-Muslim state.”
Many of ISIS member are Saudi nationality and some Muftis in Saudi Arabia publicly support ISIS. Research shows that many supporters of ISIS also comes from Saudi Arabia.
Many armed group in Syria who are fighting against this country are under support of Saudi Arabia.
Some researcher believe that the main idea of ISIS is Saudi version of Wahhabism Islam.

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