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Executions in Saudi Arabia increased by 148% in 2021

According to a human rights organization, the number of executions in Saudi Arabia increased dramatically last year, and the international community must hold the Saudi government accountable.

The European-Saudi Organization for Human Rights (esohr) in a report on the high number of executions in Saudi Arabia and wrote that in 2021 compared to the previous year the number of executions in this country increased by 148 percent.

According to the report, 67 executions took place in 2021, up from 27 the previous year, indicating that the Saudi government does not value human blood, especially in the case of exports. Death sentences are carried out in an illegal process without a fair trial and have no conformity with internationally accepted laws.

The human rights group also stressed that the reduction in executions in 2020 was not because the Saudi rulers were paying attention to the need for human rights, but because Muhammad bin Salman was trying to repair his image in international forums because of the number of executions. In Saudi Arabia, there has been a significant increase since the ouster of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and Riyadh needed to reduce criticism.

In this regard, it should be said that in 2019, 186 executions were carried out in Saudi Arabia and raised the voices of many human rights organizations.


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