Israeli nuke stockpile must be disarmed: O’Keefe

keefeFormer US marine, Ken O’Keefe has joined Press TV’s Debate program to share facts about the Israel’s role in sabotaging the newly-reached agreement between Iran and the P5+1 over the country’s peaceful nuclear energy program.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. O’Keefe why do you think that Israel still thinks that Iran should be seen as a threat?

O’Keefe: Well, because Israel’s whole existence stems on creating the kind of conflict that helps justify the imperial policies that exist in the Middle Eastern region.

Israel’s existence is based on terrorism, the Irgun and Stern Gang and the bombing of the King David hotel, from the Lavon Affair on up to the USS Liberty and on to 9/11, Israel has been involved in false flag operations to stir up things to be able to foster conflict and division amongst humanity and ultimately that is what we must be most aware of right now, because the long history of Israeli false flags makes it clear that while Israel continues to throw its tantrums because it does not get its way, it generally likes to go out and start killing Palestinians or committing false flag operations when it does not get its way as well.

So make no mistake, those of us who have our eyes open and have half a brain, know very well predictably what might be happening and we will identify very quickly who is doing that, if a false flag occurs.

Press TV: Mr. Ken O’Keefe I would like to give you the chance here, first of all to respond to the accusations that were made against you (by Lee Kaplan), Since they were aired, you do have a right to respond to that and then I will put the next question to you.

O’Keefe: Well, I have actually indulged in this before and I would like to thank Mr. Kaplan once again for showing the substance of what he stands for, because ultimately the truth is completely against anything that he says so he has to resort to smear tactics and lies and actually if there is a lawyer out there who likes to represent me in a slander case, a libel case; please do help me, I do not have the money to afford it but if you want to help…

Next, let us go back to…, and what I am going to point out in response to you is, is this man (Kaplan) an American citizen? Because I tell you what, who I speak for right now, is the 34 American sailors who were slaughtered by Israel in 1967, on that June day…

You (Lee Kaplan) are a traitor…

Press TV: The next question Mr. Keefe, if you may, is: Mr. Kaplan there suggesting that it would be costly for the countries like Britain or the US to part ways with Israel. Why do you think that we are seeing these remarks by William Hague and do you think the fact that this agreement was reached with Iran shows that they have made this decision to distance themselves from the stances of Israel and even Saudi Arabia?

We know that the pressure did of course exist!

O’Keefe: Yes, actually what is happening is quite beautiful because I have never in my life and really nobody in this lifetime, in this generation has witnessed what we have seen in the last couple of months.

Just a couple of months ago we were flirting with an escalation of bombing Syria and that was on the back of tremendous propaganda campaign, the latest Hitler and Bashar al-Assad and ultimately it culminated with this blatant false flag in which chemical weapons were used and what happened was the people of the world after all these lies, all of these propaganda, simply did not buy it, they did not buy it and what happened was really remarkable. I have never seen it in my lifetime, it has really never happened, to my awareness; and that is the parliament of the UK, which is nothing more than a mouthpiece for Israel and has supported it hand and foot, all the way through; the parliament of the UK simply could not, could not; vote in favor of escalating things in Syria and it was not because there were protests, it was not because of anything that anybody might have suggested beyond the fact that we just simply did not buy it.

People do not believe people like Lee Kaplan or all the other mouthpieces in the mainstream media who consistently bombard us with lies and smear tactics and slander to try and divert from the real point and now what we have, despite all the propaganda and major institutions of power that invested in the war, ultimately this signing of a deal with Iran reflects the sanity of people around the world who are insisting: No more…, we have had enough war, we have had enough of the slaughters, enough of the crimes against humanity and enough wars for Israel and in particular the American patriots out there know darn well that while you swore to uphold the US constitution, you traitors in US Congress have been sending American sons and daughters off to war to the point where now they are coming home and committing suicide, to the point of 22 American sailors and military (staffers) per day.

And Lee Kaplan is a traitor to you (American people) and more and more of you know this.

Press TV: Mr. O’Keefe why do you think Israel should not be considered a nuclear threat? Mr. Kaplan seems to be insisting there that this is just twisting the issue and that we should not see Israel as a nuclear threat, Iran should be seen as the threat!

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