PA continues detention of journalist Sami Sa’iee

The family of the Palestinian journalist captive Sami al-Sa’iee revealed that the Palestinian Authority (PA) refused to release their son in full disregard to the court’s release order that was issued on bail  last Wednesday.

The wife of captive Sa’iee, Amani al-Jundob, said that the PA’s intelligence apparatus moved her husband to Jericho Jail hours later of the release order issued from a Palestinian court in Tulkarem after the charge of sectarian incitement.

She revealed that journalist Sa’iee was brought to another court in Jericho where his arrest was extended to 15 days for the continuation of investigation procedures. 

Jundob added that the prosecutor accused her husband of stirring up sectarian feuds after the PA intelligence summoned him last Thursday and ordered his arrest, pointing out that the intelligence had extended his detention twice before.

She said that her husband works as a correspondent for al-Fajer satellite channel in Tulkarem and was already acquitted by a PA court years ago of the same charge after 25 days in detention. 

She also said that her husband was arrested by the PA intelligence for two and a half months after his release from an Israeli jail.

For its part, Arab Organization for Human Rights in the United Kingdom expressed its concerns over the continuation of detaining journalist Sa’iee after the issuance of a court’s release order. 


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