Eid-e-Mubahila being celebrated to mark the divine legitimacy of Prophet of Islam

Shia Muslims across the world are celebrating Eid-e-Mubahila on 24 Zilhajj to commemorate the historic event in which divine legitimacy of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), the last apostle of God and Prophet of Islam and his infallible progeny was vindicated.

In Pakistan, Shia Muslims began celebrating Eid-e-Mubahila at night between Zilhajj 23 and 24 and celebrations continue today. Shia Muslims wear new clothes, offer special recommended prayers of the day and give Eidi to their children.
Shia mosques, Imam Bargahs, streets and lanes are illuminated and decorated like brides to mark the Eid-e-Mubahila celebrations.
Christians Pope, scholars and notables belonging to Najran (Arabian Peninsula) challenged Prophet of Islam through a call to Mubahila, the Arabic word used to settle dispute through praying for invocation of God’s curse on falsehood of one’s claim. Their delegation of had met Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) and expressed their doubts on his Prophet-hood and his viewpoint about Hazrat Essa (AS) (Jesus) since Islam recognizes him as Prophet of God and not his son. First Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad (BUH) asked how Jesus may be called God’s son when Hazrat Adam was born without mother too, let alone father? This reason left them agape and when God’s last apostle Muhammad (PBUH) began praying to seek invocation of God’s curse on the liars in this particular viewpoint, Christian notables withdrew their challenge and their cardinal representative converted to Islam and others agreed to reach a pact under which they began paying tax to him. This is the historic event celebrated by Muslims as Eid-e-Mubahila. Holy Quran and Islamic history has cited this historic event.


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