Pakistan shuts Jalalabad consulate due to intervention by Afghan governor

The Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul has reportedly closed its consulate in Jalalabad citing security concerns and “undue intervention by Governor Hayatullah Hayat in the functioning of the Consulate General”, read a statement issued by the embassy on Friday.


According to the press statement issued by the embassy, it has requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan “to kindly refrain from interfering in the functioning of the Consulate General and to ensure restoration of the security of the Consulate General as it existed on August 28, 2018”.
The embassy has termed the undue intervention by the Nangarhar governor a “complete violation of the Vienna Convention of the Consular Relation 1963”.
The Afghan government has been informed that the consulate in Jalalabad “will remain closed until the security arrangements are complete to the satisfaction” of the Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul.
Meanwhile, the diplomatic sources in Islamabad said that the Foreign Office has informed the Afghan government regarding the closure of its consulate in Jalalabad.


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