Minister seeks help from Medina, Najaf, Qom, Cairo against takfiris

Pakistan’s new minister for religious affairs Sahibzada Noorul Haq Qadri has said he will approach religious authorities in Medina University, Najaf, Qom, Jamiatul Azhar and other centres to request their help against the menace of intolerant and hatemongering takfiri sectarianism in Pakistan.

In an interview, he turned down declaring any Muslim as non-Muslim or deviant by any sect. He stressed on the need to promote love and fraternity among Muslims and all Pakistanis.
He said that sectarianism and sectarianism pose serious threat to Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah as a whole. He said that takfiri mindset harmed Islam and Muslims and distorted their image and this mindset must be discouraged. He said help against them is required from seats of religious authorities in Medina, Najaf, Qom, Jamiatul Azhar and other places.
The religious affairs minister appealed to people to bury their differences and join hands for making Pakistan a welfare Islamic state. He asked all Muslims to demonstrate their unity and love for each other as an Ummah instead of limiting them to their sectarian mindset.
He urged them to desist from those debates and discussions or arguments that lead them to intolerant hatemongering ideology against each other. He asked them to preach common points of ideology instead of raising controversial issues.


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