Great martyr Mehram Ali remembered on 20th anniversary of judicial murder

The 20th anniversary of judicial murder of great martyr Mehram Ali was observed yesterday. On August 11, 1998, he was wrongly punished for the death hatemongering takfiri terrorist outfit ringleader Sipah-e-Sahaba/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi who had been publicly claiming responsibility for the massacre of Shia Muslims in Pakistan and carried out pogrom against them across the country and even declared founder of Pakistan and father of the nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah an infidel/heathen.

Ignoring the fact that the Zia-ur-Rehman Farooqi was a notorious takfiri terrorists and himself deserved death penalty for his overt and publicly claiming responsibility of Shia Muslims pogrom, the court wrongly punished Mehram Ali for Farooqi’s killing.
The capital punishment to Mehram Ali was itself murder of justice because takfiri terrorists and their ringleaders of banned Deobandi militant outfit was not punished for their clear violation of inalienable rights of Shia Muslims and the person who defended Shiites rights was wrongly punished.
Shia Muslims across Pakistan held 20th anniversary of Mehram Ali’s martyrdom with reverence. Ziaur Rehman Farooqi was not a law-abiding, peaceful or pro-peace, moderate Muslim cleric but he preached intolerant hatemongering militant takfiri ideology under which Farooqi and his banned outfit declared father of Pakistani nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah as heathen and Sunni Bralevis as pagans.


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