JUIF senior leader confirms MMA ties to power that be

Maulana Mohammad Khan Shirani, a senior Deobandi cleric who hails from JUI-F, has said that his party (JUI-F) leaders trust the untrustworthy institution’s assurance that they would ensure that government goes to MMA.

“MMA is called Mulla-Military Alliance. Its revival is a non-serious step. Some quarters want to show international establishment that they have emasculated strength and popular support of religious parties as compared to 2002,” he said, talking to media persons at Jamia Miftahul Uloom in Mastung.
He said that his party’s leaders are relying on the assurances of the institution that they would get government and these leaders (of JUI-F and MMA) trust their members less and the institution more.
The cleric Shirani’s party chief Fazalur Rehman also heads MMA. His criticism confirmed the narratives of opponents of MMA that the alliance has ties to the power that be.


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