Civil society demonstration outside Saudi consulate to protest Yemen war

The civil society activists held a demonstration in front of Saudi Consulate in Karachi to register protest against the Saudi-led military aggression on Yemen.

Carrying placards, the protesters were raising slogans demanding an immediate stop to unilaterally imposed Saudi-led coalition’s war on Yemen.
They also handed over a memorandum of their demands to the Saudi consulate officials. Through memorandum, they demanded Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to stop unjustifiable war on Yemen forthwith.
They condemned the crimes against humanity perpetrated in Yemen by the aggressors that gave birth to humanitarian crisis as thousands of Yemenis were killed or injured and surviving Yemenis suffer from displacement, hunger, unemployment, poverty, malnutrition, epidemics and lack of education, etc.
They demanded that Pakistan government should officially lodge protest against Saudi-led aggression on Yemen. They demanded UN to shoulder its responsibility to stop war on Yemen. They condemned all those Muslim governments who remain silent against Saudi-led war on Yemen.
Civil Progressive Alliance organized the demonstration that was largely attended by its supporters.

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