Death to rule of law as banned terrorist outfit leader cleared to contest Elections

Aurangzeb Farooqi, notorious ringleader of ASWJ (Sipah-e-Sahaba), the outfit that was banned for involvement in terrorism, sectarian extremism and hatemongering by the Pakistan state authorities, has faced no restriction from the custodians of law as he is allowed to contest Elections for National Assembly and Sindh Assembly seats from Karachi. Petition seeking to prevent him from electoral contest has been dismissed today on Monday.

The civil society activist filed a petition drawing attention to the fact that banned ASWJ ringleader Farooqi was not eligible to contest Elections to legislatures because he has hidden some facts in his documents attached with nomination papers. He had visited Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and cases including cases under antiterrorism laws were registered against him.
But, Farooqi did not mention these facts. Farooqi has been nominated as prime accused of Khurram Zaki’s targeted murder. Khurram Zaki was a renowned Karachi-based rights activist. He visited Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may times and he should have informed the election officials through relevant documents about sources of his travel expenses also.
The main reason that is enough to disallow Aurangzeb Farooqi from contesting elections is the fact that he heads a banned militant organization that was outlawed due to its involvement in terrorism and violent extremism.
On the one hand, Election Commission of Pakistan, judiciary, caretaker government and security agencies have failed to take action on their own against Farooqi’s nomination for electoral contest, and on the other they are not taking action when a citizen of Pakistan has challenged the Farooqi’s nomination for elections on legal ground that is tantamount to death of rule of law in Pakistan.

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