Over 200 International Quds Day rallies to be taken out in Pakistan: ISO

Imamia Students Organisation has announced that more than 2000 rallies would be held all over Pakistan to express solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine on International Quds Day on Friday, Ramazan 23.

The deputy secretary general of ISO Qasim Shamsi said that ISO central cabinet met to give final shape to the arrangements for the ISO’s Quds Day rallies. Ansar Mehdi, ISO president, chaired the meeting.
The ISO cabinet expressed satisfaction over the fact that the third largest Quds Day rally is taken out in Karachi and this is an honour for entire Pakistan.
Qasim Shamsi said that Ansar Mehdi would speak at the main rally in Karachi while other major rallies would be held in Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and elsewhere.
The ISO condemned the Israel and US for their anti-Palestine actions. They also denounced those regimes who toed the Israeli and US line against the legitimate national resistance of Palestinians and Lebanese nations who are fighting for the liberation of their occupied land. They said illegitimate and fake Israeli state has occupied Palestine including al-Quds and parts of Lebanon and Syria.


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